• Interpretations

    These photographs weretakenin the lastthree years(2009; 2010, 2011), and theyare essentiallyinterpretations ofmy daily experiences.

    They intend to create fiction, using black and white as a suggestion of time defragmentation while freezing the moment I experience. They are personal recreations of that same moment.

    Some will only capture and freeze a precise moment which, for any reason, was more significant to me. My instincts are loose and I listen to them whenever I am photographing.

    These images do not try to send a specific message but rather a suggestion, allowing the viewer to find an endless field of possible narratives; in this sense, these images borrow living faces and fiction created by the viewer itself.

    There is a constant care in creating some discomfort on the viewer, a certain emotion and familiarity, some kind of connection with my photographs. This is what I look for as a photographer.